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ShowKontrol: THE WAIT IS OVER!

Photo by: aLIVE Coverage

We know you guys had to wait for a long time, but we wanted our latest child in the family of timecode software to be perfect. We collaborated with Pioneer DJ and developed a complete

solution for realtime syncing and show automation.

ShowKontrol is released in 2 versions: ShowKontrol LIVE and ShowKontrol PRO

ShowKontrol LIVE is our full solution, packed with all the tools for a fully automated/synced show that allows you to get a realtime cockpit view of connected Pioneer DJ setup's, generate multiple SMPTE outputs directly in sync with connected decks and fully automate your show with integration to all major show equipment on the market.

Realtime Metadata and Waveforms of tracks being played are just the tip of the iceberg of the possibilities with ShowKontrol PRO. Our 2nd generation of timecode solution exports playlist history information and lets you sync realtime BPM data very easily!

Using ShowKontrol as a show producer, makes you able to automate your (live) show in a way you've never done before. Use the fully programmable CUE lists that can trigger ArtNet, TCNet, Midi or many other supported protocols and even programmed spoken/visuals cues.

For professional installations or bigger projects, ShowKontrol PRO is your game changer! On top of all features of ShowKontrol LIVE, we added an extensive set of tools that allow full connectivity to virtually every system/protocol used in the entertainment and unconventional equipment, that requires connectivity that does not come standard out of the box.

Our team is available 24/7 for support and if there is need for a custom functionality, we are

there to make it happen.

You can download a demo of ShowKontrol here:

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